Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beading: The Basics

Do you want to learn how to bead? Anyone can learn! You don't need to take classes, you just need the desire to learn. I started with books and online patterns, so maybe this post will help you to get started with beading. There are a lot of tools and materials, but I will only show you the ones I use the most. I basically need them for everything! Also, I will show you how to properly open/close a jump ring and how to make a loop.

  • Chain nose pliers

  • Round nose pliers

  • Diagonal cutting pliers

  • Eye pins

  • Head pins

  • Jump rings

How to properly open/close a jump ring:
  • You will need two pliers to hold the jump ring.

  • Bring one of the pliers towards you to open the jump ring. Do not pull apart.

Making a loop:

     About an inch from the bead, make a 90 degree turn with your chain nose pliers. Using your fingers and the round nose pliers, bring the wire up and around one tip of the pliers to make the loop. Then, trim the end of the wire. The loop will look like a head pin.

Most of the time I make the wrapped loop. Follow the same steps I mentioned, but instead of leaving an inch from the bead, leave two inches so you can make the loop and then wrap it.

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