Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ok, here's the truth...

I'm sure some of you have notice that I haven't written any post since Valentine's Day (besides the blog hop and the giveaway post). Honestly, I've been struggling a lot on getting a post done. I haven't found anything to write about and besides that, I have a lot of stuff on my mind. I haven't talk too much about my personal life here on the blog, but today's the day. Here's the real reason why I've been struggling...

Both of my grandparents (my mom's father and my dad's father) were really sick. They both lived near our home and my mom took care of both of them. A couple of days after I started blogging in July 2012, my father's dad passed away. It was hard but we all knew how delicate was his situation.

When I was ready, I came back and started writing again. I took a bloggy break in November because I was getting ready for my final exams. When I was ready to come back in December, a friend died of leukemia. It was so unexpected... I mean, she was doing so well studying medicine. She looked fine, she felt great... she was so young.

I doubted to came back to the blog. I was going to take a little more time but then, I decided to carry on. Brenna knows about this because we were getting ready to start the blog hop together.

Everything was doing great at 2013, the beginning of my last semester, getting ready some grad school applications and learning more about the blogging world... My last post was on Valentine's Day because the day after that, my other grandpa passed away. Even though he was really sick, he was so strong... I never though I would lose both of them so soon.

There's the truth.

I started thinking about all of this because yesterday was my dad's Birthday and he expend the day at the hospital. Around 9:30 am, a man arrived in an ambulance and he passed away at emergency room (near us). It was so devastating to hear his wife crying. I wanted to go to her and just give her a hug. I tried to keep calm but I don't know why, I couldn't contain myself and I started to cry.

It all hit me... my grandparents and my friend died... I'm so afraid of losing someone else. I know this is just part of how life is, but it's so hard to think of the people that are not here with us anymore... not being able to talk to them, tell them that you love them or just kiss them.

Thank God my dad is home. He is doing better and last night, we got the chance of singing to him 'Happy Birthday'. He was happy and that just made the entire day better.

Take a minute every day to let people know that you love them and you care about them... your family, friends, everyone! Be thankful every single day... with a smile or a hug, you can change someone else's day.


  1. I am so sorry for all you have gone through. Sending you lots of hugs and prayers.

  2. I know you have had a rough few months my friend. I wish I was there so I could wrap my arms around you and cry with you. I don't understand these things, but I know you are a strong person. It is normal to feel the way you do and I promise you will see better days. As always you are in my prayers and thoughts.

    1. I really appreciate all you help Brenna. Thanks for beign here for me even though you are miles away. You are a good friend. Thanks so much.

  3. i'm so sorry to hear about all the loss in your life.

  4. So so so sorry for your loss. I know it's hard losing loved ones. ((Hugs))


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