Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Beauty Scavenger Hunt (Week one)

My friend Cassie from Southeast by Midwest started her new link up! So, I decided to join her :) The link up is called Beauty Scavenger Hunt and each week she will give 3 prompts.

This week's prompts:

Your makeup collection

This is part of my makeup collection. Here's just what I use the most.

Your favorite nail polish

I LOVE this nail polish! I have a lot of nail polish because I like to wear any color, but this one is my favorite :) oh, and red! What I like the most about this nail polish is the brush style.

It's really comfortable! and I can finish my manicure way faster.

What you wore: makeup edition

I always try to look natural with my makeup, so I don't wear too much on a daily basis (and some days I don't even wear any makeup). When I go to parties and things like that, I like to change the style and wear a little bit more makeup and a red lipstick.

Stop by Cassie's blog to link up your post and take a look at next's week prompts!


  1. Thanks for sharing! You look beautiful!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Brenna! I need to send you that nail polish (but in another color) you'll love the brush

  3. The brush for that nail polish is awesome. Thanks for linking up! :)


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