Tuesday, October 15, 2013

DIY: Washi Tape Photo Frame

Since Gustavo started grad school, I wanted to give him something he could take with him... something special. So when the time came, I gave him a wallet picture of us from 2007- a year after we started dating. Honestly, even though it's a meaningful picture, I wanted to give him something else. So, that's why I decided to make a Washi Tape Photo Frame! I really liked how it turn out so I even made one for myself :) Here's the tutorial...


Wood frame (or plastic)
Washi tape
X-acto knife (or scissors)
and, your favorite picture ;)

Photo Tutorial

Step by Step

Step 1: you need a wood frame or a plastic one; any of those will work.

Step 2: start covering the photo frame with the washi tape.

Step 3: you can use as many washi tapes as you want! For this frame, I use two designs.

Step 4: alternate the washi tapes until you cover the entire frame.

Step 5: turn the frame around, and use an X-acto knife (or scissors) to cut the excess of the washi tape.

Step 6: here's how your photo frame will look with two washi tape designs.

Remember: you can make a photo frame using just 1 washi tape, or even 4 if you want to.

The Results

This one is mine...

Here's the one I gave to Gustavo...
Since I only use one washi tape design, I decided to add a wooden heart ;)

I also made one for my mom! with a photo of my sisters and I.
I decorated a crystal vase to go with the photo frame :)

and here's the another Washi Tape Photo Frame! with my friends...

This could be a great gift! And you know what? I spent less than $3.00 on each Washi Tape Photo Frame. Awesome, right?! I bought the washi tape at Office Max for $1.00 each, the wood photo frame for $1.14 at Walmart, and the wooden heart for $0.68 at Walmart.

What do you think? Do you like it? I will definitely make more of these!

In case you miss it, here are 30+ Washi Tape Ideas {round-up}.


  1. I love the way this turned out. It looks so fun!!

    1. Thanks Kathleen! And they are pretty easy to make too :)

  2. Me encanta! Y tengo tantos marcos que puedo arreglar! Lo hago pronto! Saludos!

    1. Saludos Maria. Asi es! Esto es una excelente forma de arreglarlos. Me cuentas como te fue ;)

  3. Very cool. I don't think I have seen that tape before.

    1. You have to check it out! I'm sure you'll love it :) There are many things you can make with washi tape.

  4. Muy buena idea y te quedan bien bonitos.

  5. These frames are so freaking cute!

  6. They are super cute! And I love that you used two different designs on each. They mess so well and add interest.

    1. Thank you Katelyn! I prefer using 2 or more washi tapes. I think it looks better :)

  7. Great idea! Lovely colorful details for interior ;)

  8. Super cute! I just stumbled across your blog, and I love all your ideas!

    ♥ MJ


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