Monday, November 11, 2019

Bookish Events: Book Fair at the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico

Who gets excited every time there's a book fair? I do! I remember the book fairs at school and even at college. It is a great way to find beloved books and discover new books as well! For this Bookish Events series, I started last week telling you about when I met the author of El Finalito, Ricardo Martí Ruiz. This time, I'll be telling you about the book fair I attended in August!

First Book Fair at the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico
As I mentioned in my last post, many book events here in Puerto Rico take place like 3 hours away from me. And this was one of them! Fortunately, it was on a weekend day. So I made plans with my parents and my little sister, to attend to the First Book Fair at the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico (MAPR).
This was my first time visiting the MAPR and I was really excited! My friend Ana Cristina was the one who told me about this event. And here's little back story for this: we are online friends! We met through our blogs and we've been friends for more than 2 years. This was actually our first time meeting face to face. It was awesome! So yeah, besides enjoying this event, I finally had the chance to meet Ana in person.

When I arrived at the book fair with my family, we already knew what we were going to do, because we studied the schedule of every activity. There were activities for kids and adults. My parents attended a presentation with Chef Piñero, Ana and I attended a workshop called Editing and Assembly of a Book (which was very cool!) and at the end, we all attended a presentation with Douglas Candelario; and of course, we got our books signed! We spend most of our time at the exhibition area, where I got the chance to meet two other bloggers I've been following for a while (Leamos Más PR and Melanie). I definitely had an amazing time at this event!

By the way, my bookshelf necklace from Coryographies was a great conversation starter!
Did you saw everything I got at this event? ICYMI, here is my Instagram post about it:

You can also check out my IG highlighted stories from this day! Have you attended a book fair? (Besides the book fairs at school). Tell me about your experience! Soon I'll be posting about a book store opening near my house :)

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Bookish Events: Meeting Ricardo Martí Ruiz, author of El Finalito

Hi everyone! Today I'm starting a new blog series: Bookish Events! And for my first post, I'll be telling you about a book signing event I attended back in August. I've been wanting to write a post about this for a while because I adore bookish events. But unfortunately, I've only attended a few of them. I wish one day I can be able to attend BookCon or any other book convention. It's my dream! Anyway, here in Puerto Rico we don't have many book events and many of them take place like 3 hours away from me. So every time I see an event near me, I try to attend. In August, I had the opportunity to attend a book signing event and a book fair. And in October, I attended the soft opening of a book store and coffee shop near my house; they also hosted a book presentation (meet and greet) event. I will tell you all about it on this new blog series, but let's start with the book signing event in August!

Meeting Ricardo Martí Ruiz, author of El Finalito at Biblioteca Juvenil de Mayagüez
I remember when I saw the event announced on the Facebook page of the Biblioteca Juvenil de Mayagüez. I was really excited because I love El Finalito, so I couldn't believe I was going to have the chance to meet the author. I immediately told my friend Andrea Carolina to come with me to this event! When we arrived, I was surprised to see people from all ages; there were kids, young people, adults. It was so cool! Ricardo Martí Ruiz started the presentation telling us a little bit about the history of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Then, he told us about how he decided to somehow continue the story. I got emotional when he explained why he started writing the book; it made me think of my abuela.

For me, El Finalito is a great sequel and it gave me closure with The Little Prince. The book is also available in English as The Elderly Prince, in case you want to check it out. Which I highly recommend you do! So yeah, when I got my turn to get my book signed, I spend a little time with the author, telling him how the book helped me throughout a tough time. He was super sweet! By the way, he had available some of his other books there with him so of course, I had to get them!

And of course, I had to wear my stack of books earrings from Coryographies!
This event was so much fun! And please, if you get the chance, visit the Biblioteca Juvenil de Mayagüez. I love this place! The even have a Blind Date with a Book spot! But what I love the most about this place is that you'll find people from all ages.

ICYMI, here is my Instagram post about the event:

Be sure to watch my IG highlighted stories from this day because it was so much fun! Andrea and I decided to spend a little time at Friend's Café after the event. We even got soaking wet because it started to rain SO bad...

Have you attended a bookish event? Tell me all about it! Soon I'll be posting about a book fair at a museum :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

FLASHED by Zoey Castile {review}

Hi there! Today was a busy day because we've been preparing for the tropical storm, Dorian. So please, keep the Caribbean in your prayers. Stay safe everyone! I may lose electrical power and my phone signal, so I'll be away for a couple of days.

In other news, I'm celebrating the book birthday of Zoey Castile :) FLASHED is the third book of the Happy Endings series, and here's my review!
Book title: FLASHED
Publication date: August 27, 2019
Author: Zoey Castile
Genres: Fiction, Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
Pages: 272
How I got the book: Sent for review; the publisher provided me a copy in exchange for my honest review.

I will start by saying that for me, FLASHED was wayyyyyyy better than STRIPPED and HIRED! I don't mean this in a bad way because I enjoyed all of them, but FLASHED is my favorite book in this series! I love the writing style of Zoey Castile and the storyline was SO good. Like I've said before, you can feel the characters turning into life with Castile's writing style. (I can't say this about every author!).

You have no idea how excited I get every time I see a latinx character in a book, and there has been a lot of latinx characters in this series (YAY!). But in FLASHED, there's a main character who's Mexican/Puerto Rican!!! So ok, I may be biased (sorry not sorry), but I love that! Anyway, this story is not your typical steamy romance. When I heard FLASHED was like a Beauty and the Beast retelling, I was so eager to read it! The romance between grumpy Patrick and Lena is great. I was hooked since the very beginning! I love the age-gap, the sexual tension, the Adobo obsession (can relate!), their backstories... ummm, everything? Yeah, I loved everything!

I found FLASHED to be different, compared to the first two books in the series, maybe because it was slower but also more emotional. The point is, I highly recommend the Happy Endings series!
Are you curious about the first book in this series? You can read my review here: STRIPPED. You can also read my review of HIRED!

If FLASHED sounds like something you would enjoy, be sure to add it to you TBR!
Have you read FLASHED? Or maybe STRIPPED? Let me know so we can talk about it ;)

Friday, August 16, 2019

De Boca en Boca por Pablo Rodríguez Rosado {entrevista}

¡Hola! Esta es la primera vez que publico en español en mi blog; tuve que hacer la excepción y ya verán el por qué. Estaré hablándole un poco sobre un libro especial publicado hoy, el cual se llama De Boca en Boca y el autor es el abuelo de mi esposo (¡y mi padrino!). Así que sin más preámbulo, aquí la información del libro y una entrevista con Don Pablo.
Título: De Boca en Boca: Diccionario de Refranes y Decires Puertorriqueños
Autor: Pablo Rodríguez Rosado
Fecha de publicación: 16 de agosto de 2019
Editorial: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Páginas: 224
Cómo obtuve el libro: Comprado en Amazon


Diccionario de refranes y decires puertorriqueños es más que un refranero, es un acto de recuento, una mirada hacia atrás, una toma de conciencia, un acervo, una invitación, un puente entre abuelos y nietos. Esos jóvenes constituyen el punto emergente de una cultura que rompe, tanto con la cultura basada en el saber y la memoria de los ancianos, como en aquella cuyos referentes, aunque movedizos, ligan los patrones de comportamiento de los jóvenes a los que los padres que, con algunas variaciones, recogían y adaptaban de sus abuelos. Diccionario de refranes y decires puertorriqueños no es sólo un conjunto de palabras, categorías y reglas con que el pueblo interpreta su mundo de intereses y que ha traducido su experiencia de la realidad, sino un conjunto de pequeñas cápsulas de saber, expresiones endurecidas a fuerza de uso, bruñidas de tanto pasa de boca en boca, de las que sirve para orientarse en su obrar cotidiano.

Entrevista con Pablo Rodríguez Rosado
Hábleme un poco sobre usted y su libro.

De mi puedo decir que estoy retirado de mis compromisos profesionales y uno de mis pasatiempos es escribir. Se me ocurrió escribir este libro sobre los decires y refranes puertorriqueños porque los refranes son muy dinámicos, se van creando constantemente y si no se tiene cuidado, se olvidan y se pierden. Así que la idea era hacer lo posible para que no se perdieran, para que se conserven. Pero hay una historia detrás de esto. Una vez pensé en escribir sobre los refranes, empecé y lo dejé; y un día entré al Departamento de Matemáticas (en la Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Mayagüez) y estaba una de las secretarias, Esperanza, con uno de los profesores de matemáticas hablando sobre refranes. Ellos habían tenido la idea de escribir sobre refranes y después lo habían dejado. Cuando llegué, seguimos con la conversación y dije que yo también lo había empezado y lo había dejado. Pero le dije que contrario a ellos, que se habían olvidado, que yo no me iba a olvidar y que iba a hacerlo; y así lo hice, enseguida seguí escribiendo. Se hizo la primera edición (en el 2008) y tuvo mucho éxito, pero el editor terminó la relación porque cerraron las librerías Borders. Estuve un tiempo donde me dediqué únicamente a recuperar más refranes y a seguir actualizando la obra, hasta que ahora (en el 2019) sacamos la revisión. 

¿Qué es lo más que le gusta sobre escribir?

Me gusta hacer cosas que sean prácticas. Por ejemplo, por mi experiencia enseñando el curso de cálculo para biólogos, se me ocurrió escribir el libro de cálculo. Me preocupaba el problema de las drogas en Puerto Rico y ahí se me ocurrió escribir la novela Al Borde del Abismo. Siempre me ha gustado escribir poemas (eso lo heredé de mi papá, que le gustaba escribir poesía) y escribí también dos poemarios que se publicaron y uno que tengo escrito para publicarlo pronto, con el favor de Dios.

¿Cuantos libros ha publicado?

Seis. Tengo el libro de cálculo, la novela (Al Borde del Abismo), los dos poemarios y el de refranes, más esta nueva revisión.

¿Está trabajando en otro libro actualmente?

Estoy escribiendo un libro que espero que esté terminado dentro de las próximas semanas, sobre cómo jugar dominó. Jugué mucho dominó en mi juventud, fui miembro del club de dominó de Mayagüez por muchos años, con mi compañero Facundo gané un torneo de dominó internacional que se celebró en Ponce y de ahí (a petición de Pablito, mi hijo), fue que decidí escribir un libro sobre cómo jugar dominó. También estoy trabajando en uno sobre mis experiencias administrativas; cuando termine el de dominó, ese es el que quiero terminar porque incluye mucho sobre lo que fue mi vida profesional, especialmente en la administración.

¿Algo más que quiera añadir?

Agradezco la oportunidad que usted me da para hacer este relato y estoy a la orden para cualquier cosa que pueda ser de ayuda.

¡Agradezco a Don Pablo por su tiempo para esta entrevista! Puedes conseguir su libro en Amazon y también añadirlo en Goodreads. ¡Hasta la próxima!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

The Last Message Received by Emily Trunko {review}

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well. This is the first time I read a book, and post the review the very same day I read it, but now you'll see why...
Book title: The Last Message Received
Publication date: January 10, 2017
Author: Emily Trunko
Illustrator: Zoe Ingram
Genres: Nonfiction, Young Adult, Teen
Publisher: Crown Books for Young Readers
Pages: 176
How I got the book: Purchased (by my sister)

Here are some trigger warnings for this post, as well as for the book...
TW: depression, suicidal thoughts, suicide, sexual assault, violence, addiction, death.

As soon as I started reading The Last Message Received, I thought I wasn't going to be able to finish it. As always, I'm going to be honest. This book was SO hard to read! I even texted my book club friends to tell them about it... I told them it was so depressive... I thought about DNFing it but I just couldn't stop reading it. Imagine having those two completely different thoughts at the same time! But yeah, that's one of the reasons I feel people need to know about this book. Maybe it won't be your kind of book, I don't know... but trust me, you still need to know about it.

As someone who struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts (this is the first time I'm sharing this on the blog), reading this book was cathartic. I cried. It was painful. I thought about my husband, my family, my friends... what would've happened. The pain I would've caused. But I think it's better if I talk about this on another post; now I want to focus on the book.

This book showed me how toxic people can be; no matter if we are talking about friends, romantic partners, parents... and I honestly think we all have been some kind of toxic to someone else at some point in life. But wow... I couldn't believe the things I read! Words have power. From friendships coming to an end, to heartbreak, to violence, to sudden deaths... it was a lot to take in on one sitting! So my recommendation would be to practice self-care after reading it. Especially if you read it in one sitting like me, which I highly recommend you to NOT do that.

This book was a gift from my little sister. So imagine how I felt after reading this...
And here's another message from the book...
Now you have an idea of the format. And with the trigger warnings at the beginning of the post, you can have an idea of the things shared on the book. You can also check out the tumblr, which is where the book comes from. Please, if you decide to read this book, remember to practice self-care. And if you need to take a break to read it later, go ahead and do so. This is a good book, but I'm aware is not for everyone... The important thing is I'm glad I read it, even though it was emotionally draining.

If this book sound like something you would enjoy, be sure to add it to you TBR.
Remember: whatever you are going through, you don't have to go through it alone. The Lifeline is here for you 24/7, at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).