Thursday, April 18, 2013

Who likes weddings?

Oh, how much I love weddings!! I can spend all day long going through wedding magazines or looking at beautiful photos and ideas on Pinterest!
As you may know, I'm engaged.
{Yes, I was crying... Don't laugh at me!}

We don't have a wedding date yet, but we are starting to look for ideas. We've always talked about getting married after we both finished studying at college. Anyway, I just wanted to make this quick post to invite you all to a Pinterest board: Wedding Inspiration.
My friend Brenna made this board for me! I'm from Puerto Rico, she's from North Carolina, so she created a way to share with me some ideas and help me all the way through the wedding planification.

Look at the board description :)
Thanks so much Brenna!! 

Would you like you to be part of my wedding (even from far away)? Leave your Pinterest link below so we can send you an invite :) or you just can follow the board so you don't miss anything ;)


  1. Aww such a sweet picture. :)

  2. Oh, geez, I think I might tear up just seeing this post. I'm SO happy for you! I'm going to pin some more stuff today.


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