Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Beauty Scavenger Hunt (Week two)

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Today I'm linking up again at Cassie's Beauty Scavenger Hunt. Be sure to check out her blog because every week she will give 3 prompts. Let's get started!!

This week's prompts:

Makeup item you CAN'T live without

I love Just Bitten from Revlon! I have it in different colors. I can't live without this product because I can practically wear this for anything. This is the long lasting lipstain I've ever tried. 

Most overhyped makeup item you own

I just have two words for this: too much. Lol. I bought this because... I don't know! I like glitter and I like to try new products but, I just didn't like it when combined with the brown nail polish.

Favorite perfume

Victoria's Secret Noir Tease is, by far, my favorite perfume. I like soft fragrances and I'm not a fan of floral perfumes so, I think this is perfect for me.

You can link up your post here :) Don't forget to take a look at next week's prompts!


  1. I love seeing your answers to the prompts. I definitely have to try that lip stain and I am the same way about perfumes, so I am going to check that out too.

    1. Really? Well I'm sure you would love that perfume!


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