Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Wish List

This is my first time EVER sharing my wish list. Why? Well... maybe by blogging about it, Gustavo and the rest of my family everyone can see my list and get ideas on what to buy me (Lol). Oh, and maybe by actually seeing everything on the list, I can get even more excited to buy them :)

Here's the list!! (in no particular order... except for the first two!)

Do I need to explain why I want this beauty? I mean, I think every crafter would love a Silhoutte! Oh, how many cute things I would create!

Epiphanie bag

Ever since I saw this bag, I fall in love with it! You can fit almost anything in there. Laptop, DSRL camera, lens, cellphone, wallet, etc. For me, this bag is perfect for bloggers! Just imagine a day blogging at the park, or just attending a blog conference! I've never attended a blog conference but, when I do, I would like to be prepare for it with this gorgeous bag.

Sewing table


Well... I already have the sewing machine so, I would love to have a sewing table! Maybe I could buy a simple table first and then, I could buy a bigger one, like this one...

WhimseyBox subscription


I discovered Whimseybox just a few days ago. I cannot believe I didn't know this existed! How awesome would it be to receive a box full of crafts supplies (with project instructions) every month? AHHHHH! I want this! I need this! 

Origami Owl necklace

These lockets are so unique and pretty! I love them! I would love to tell my story in a beautiful locket :) I already have in mind which charms I would include. One of the charms would be a heart (representing Gustavo and my family), and another charm would be a laptop (representing my blog). Oh, and I would also include a pearl!-- beading needs to be included in my story too.


I want fabric!! Lots and lots of fabric! I have some projects in mind that I would love to make one day :)

Lots of Washi tape!

I also have some projects in mind that I would love to make with washi tape.

Whoa... I have to stop. I can't keep adding things to the list. So, there's the list (for now)!

What's on your wish list? Do we have something in common on the list? Do you already own any of these? Share with me your experience with the products :)


  1. Girl I need everything on that list except the first thing! Can you forward this to my husband. I want that second sewing table that you showed sooooooooooooooooo bad. I have been drooling over it for 2 years!

    1. Do me a favor, send Derrick a link to this post and tell him I need his opinion on something I wrote. Lol. Oh my! I'm in love with that sewing table!

  2. Yeah me too...I'll take all of that too! Good choices!

  3. I want an Origami Owl Necklace too! They are awesome!

  4. I would love a silhoutte and a sewing table, too! I enter sillhoutte giveaways like crazy :)

  5. I've been wanting a cute camera bag for a while now! Plus I need a sewing table, but they are so expensive. Going to need to check out that Whimsy Box. Too fun!

    1. Yea, so expensive :( That's why I'll have to buy a simple table first. Let me know if you subscribe :)


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